Dear customer, please note that the MTN Protect Service will be temporarily shut down from 25th July, 2014 and your device will not be protected by the service until further notice. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Get your phone location on a map instantly
  • Lock your phone remotely and display owner info on phone screen
  • Get thief's phone number and front face photo!
  • Keep remote control and track phone location even after SIM change
  • Wipe your contacts, calendar, messages, and images remotely
  • Feel secure about your phone and your data
  • If lost, increase the chance to get your precious phone back
  • If stolen, handover all the info to the police

To start using MTN Protect

  1. Download MTN Protect application from this page for free*.
  2. Install this application on your phone and set your password.
  3. Web account is automatically created for you.
  4. Subscribe to service from application on your phone.
  5. Log into your personal web account from this page using your phone number and password.
  6. Then send silent commands from the Web to the phone: get location, lock, unlock, alarm, wipe, get camera image.